Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! And welcome to 2008. We had a fantastic New Year's Eve party--complete with lots of friends, fun, and 5 different kinds of fondue and plenty of stuff to dip in it.

I made my annual New Year's Eve stuffed mushrooms especially for Ryan, Raymon and Sarah Ann (my mushroom-loving friends). Mmmm....

We played lots of fun games. Don't ever challenge Garrett to a game of Mad Gab--you will lose miserably. However if you happen to be a princess, be sure to challenge a bunch of boys to a game of Disney Princess Go Fish--you'll be sure to win!

Can I just say that I have really great friends?

Emma and Matt treated us to an impromptu karaoke and interpretive dance performance in conjunction with the Top 10 songs of 2007. Don't worry, we got the whole thing on film (thanks Darin!) and it will be debuting on YouTube shortly. :)

Of course at midnight we counted down the seconds to the new year, made a big ruckus, blew our horns, popped some confetti poppers (although most of them got used up before midnight), hugged everyone, and I sprayed everyone with silly string.

Then Kyle stole the silly string and covered me in it. It would not come out of my hair until I washed it the next day! He even got some in my mouth--gross!

Matt decided my leg was a good footrest. And then he decided it would be a good idea to drink the leftover fondue! I think he was a little sick the next day. :) But finding the lovely new addition on his car made everything much better.

Anyway, it was a great New Years. And here's to a fabulous 2008! I have big plans for this year--it's gonna be a good one. :)

And speaking of a fabulous 2008, it's time to post my New Year's Resolutions. This year I resolve to:

1. Increase my temple attendance by at least 50%. (This means I need to go at least 3 times a month. I'm going to try for once a week though, but I'm giving myself some leeway.)

2. Lose 10 pounds. (I know everyone says this, but I am serious and I am really going to do it. That will put me right at where I'd like to be. And besides, I've already lost 45...what's another 10? I can totally do that.)

3. Strive to become more Christlike. (I am going to do this by really focusing on Him in my scripture study, my actions and my prayers.)

4. I have one more resolution, but I have decided not to post it here for a number of reasons. Maybe if you ask me about it in person, I will tell you.

So if you could please follow up with me throughout the year about these goals and keep me on track, I would really appreciate it! Thank you and good luck in all your New Years Resolutions.

Note: These resolutions have been brought to you by the letter A and the number 22.


caron said...

I have several comments.
1-the letter A and the number 22 are lovely hosts for a blog such as this.
2-It was a great party! I had fun. And for the record, we had plenty of confetti poppers for midnight. I was mostly to blame for the premature use of them, it’s fun to make things go bang. I brought reinforcements though!
3-I love how some of the best inspiration comes after midnight.
4-Here are some of my goals for the year: 1- live past May 10th, 2- go to Disneyland, 3- get my PE, 4- get a motorcycle license, 5- no more teeth falling out, 6- make new friends (don’t get me wrong- I love the ones that I have, I just want more)- aka, networking. Mostly I just need to get out more! :)

Thanks again for the party, it was great fun!

princesaplumeria said...

P.S. I have a few other "side" resolutions.

1-Recruit as many people as possible to participate with me in the races I do this year.

2-Leave the country.

3-Meet new people and network as much as possible.

4-Run the Disneyland 1/2 marathon wearing Minnie Mouse ears.

5-Figure out what I want to do with my life. (Regarding school/career/etc)

6-Move to Phoenix. Or somewhere else where it is warm.

Heather said...

What a FUN New Year's would've been fun to be there. Thanks for all of the pictures it makes it feel like we were there.
As far as your resolutions go, WOW...I'll be interested in all of the updates in the future.

princesaplumeria said...

It would have been fun to have you there...I will have to invite you to the next party because I think you are cool! :)

Mauri said...

Awesome pictures! I really wish I could have been there. But you've already heard my excuses. Let's do a big party soon--complete with old friends and NEW friends. :)